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  • Sunday Wash
  • Mango Picking
  • Hiatus
  • The Offering
  • Cremisa Foresta
  • Family of Five
  • Walking in the Moonlight
  • Giclee (jhee·clay) Information
    Heritage Giclee

    Print artwork on paper or canvas made using a specialized ink spray process (giclee is French for "to spray") developed exclusively for fine art printing. The Giclee print is unmatched in its exquisite color and razor-sharp details, and has quickly become the new print standard for museums, galleries, publishers and artist. First captured digitally and then refined by the artist and the master printer through a series of proofs to ensure the color and clarity, the giclee print is the closest possible reproduction of an original artwork afforded by technology. Both the ink and archival paper or canvas onto which the image is printed offer up to 70 year light-fastness and UV-resistance under proper storing and display conditions.

    Please Note: the colors you see on your screen may not accurately represent the colors of the actual giclee print