What started out as a simple experiment- combining paints and fabrics one afternoon- soon became a lifelong passion. Adding unconventional elements to a canvas opened a whole new world of art to me; from that day on my work had a mind of its own. There wasnít anything I was afraid to sew onto the canvas- from fabric and beads, to sticks and debris; I found a way to use materials that gave my work the vibrancy and dimensionality I strived for.

Since graduating from Louisiana State University with a degree in Fine Arts, I have spent the past seven years creating paintings that depict the life of a fictitious world; a land I find perfect in every way; my own idea of utopia, you might say- the world of Juniper Island.

It is in these paintings that time stands still, colors of every imaginable shade dance across the canvas in temper altering hues, and all that seems to matter is the love and peace one finds from family and friends. Of course, things are a little different where we stand- but if even for a second you are drawn into their world, I hope it brings you the tranquility and serenity they have found.

Having two young children of my own has definitely influenced the subject matter I paint. Watching their naÔve and innocent manner is a constant reminder of what is truly important in life. Two dogs, one fish, and a husband who has encouraged me to paint from the very beginning, all play a part in the work you see before you...

I hope you enjoy!

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